Town of Brilliant, Alabama

Welcome to Brilliant, Alabama

Our city is a sparkling jewel sitting in the foothills of the Northwest Alabama mountain region. Our history is long and colorful and we would love to share it with you here through our community website.

The town of Brilliant was built around the coal mining industry in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. To this day, there remain several buildings of historical significance that are important to the citizens of Brilliant and to honor our past we now proudly host an annual arts and crafts festival known as Coal Fest each May.

For more information phone 205-465-2281 View our new Coal Fest Gallery!

Our community is located in the southeastern portion of Marion County along Alabama Highway 129, approximately 15 miles southeast of Hamilton, the county seat, 10 miles west of the Winston and Walker county lines, and 7 miles north of the Fayette county line. We’d like to invite you to visit our community soon!


  1. Marian Crow

    The Crow family is from Brilliant but left for work in Virginia in the late 1950’s. A grandfather worked in the Brilliant Coal Mine and died as a result of an accident there in 1924. His name was Robert Nathan Crow. How can I find out more about this accident and the history and pictures from the coal mine. I can find general information but nothing more. Thanks for all your help.